HANNAH’s Biografie

‘De hoogste deugd is: weten wat te doen, en te leren kiezen waaraan men zijn leven kan geven.’
Maurice Maeterlinck


Hannah Demaine, 15 april 1997




‘Working with stained glass I can become saturated in history and arts,  the things I love the most’.


 I studied a degree in art history, fascinated how faith and belief has been expressed in beautiful, emotive visual forms. Eventually I found myself gravitating to objects with storytelling surfaces, those that decoratively shine and glint. 


Meanwhile, throughout my life, I have felt that twitch and niggle to make and create, which, in recent years has taken form through delicate pen and ink drawings, painted in translucent watercolours. These strands lead me to stained glass, where I could learn to bring colour and line to life, through light, making and conserving pictures made from glass and lead.


I have found observing stained glass allows you to travel; understanding how a panel was put together, painted, or restored brings you closer to the minds of past viewers and craftsmen from across the globe. In this special discipline, requiring traditional, hands on skills to be learnt, I feel at home – what a joy!


Now I have been offered the opportunity to travel myself, from home in Ireland to Brugge, to develop those creative and practical craftsmanship skills. I am wonderfully excited to work under Birgit at her studio, to learn and explore my love of this beautiful heritage, preserving the art of stained glass.





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